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Italian armored force, is a high technology industrial automation technology as the main service Enterprise, the company set the development and application of advanced technology and mature management experience, strong technical strength in one, dedicated to the development and application of advanced equipment manufacturing technologyand promotion. In the foundry industry with ABB, KUKA robotics company in the name of global cooperation. Spray system used by the independent development with robotic automation die-casting, pickup system, the casting system equipment, and automatic spray systems and other equipment, customers the praise...

The company currently employs more than 30 people, a collection of machinery, automatic control, sensor technology, fluid control technology, communications technology and other areas of high-end talent, young, professional staff.

The company has been in the country famous die-casting factory and foundry implementation of the robot casting, spraying, pickup system project, implemented by the success of these projects has accumulated a wealth of experience in engineering and project management experience, pioneering new fields of application of industrial robotsand has become the industry's Rising Star Enterprise.

The company constructed including pre-sales technical consulting, site visits, virtual simulation, high-quality systems integration, system testing, system maintenance, system training, system upgrades, including a set of service system, the maximum effectiveness of the system to play through the service system to enhance the userEnterprise competitiveness.

The company always adhere to the "customer first" business philosophy, using its own domestic and foreign technology and resource advantages, striving to be the foundry industry advanced equipment manufacturing-based economy, innovation of traditional industries, create new green industry of the twenty-first century.


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